Talking Sidemount!!

It’s all about streamlining. Bungy cord is your best friends. Learning to manage 2+ tanks operation is so fun. You will hate it at first but you will fall in love with it after 2 days believe it or not. 

Some buy not all skills to complete during the course:

Managing air supply

Diver position and trim

Tank removal and staging

Sharing air

Switching tanks

Gas shutdown

Valve manipulation


Sidemount gives ability to penetrate more things and more equipment can be placed on yourself. Better plans for diving and safer at the same time. Always a redundancy for extra safety. It is actually the gateway to caves and wreck and technicak diving.

Looking good underwater is also one of the main factor people chose to do this course. They look more sharp, professional and cool when diving sidemount. Yes, it will take more time for you to prepare your equipment but with training and reputation of dives, things will get much easier.  

Who is it for?

It is actually for everyone, sidemount is a specialty course which only need an open water certificate. High school kids right through to grandparents are what course is designed for. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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