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Phuket Scuba Club by BB Marine

Come experience the modern and classic way of diving with the locals. We know the place and we do it everyday. United by Thai instructors we provide probably one of the most diversified diving styles. No license no worries, have license even more fun. We focus on 3 main things safety, experience and styles. 


About us 

Phuket is the most visited place in Thailand so let’s make it and live it like it’s yours. All of our staff speaks English and Thai. We offer courses as well as fun dives and Professional to Technical. What makes us unique is the friendliness of our instructors and staff. Family owned dive club. 

We are Thai and we fermilliar with the place through out. We are locals as well as international. Come and expeirience the real taste of Thai Style Dive Center. Its actually FUN!


Why choose us?

Most of our customers comes from all over the world and locals. All nationalities are welcome here as we speak Ocean language which is universal. Your dive journey will be completed with us right from the start till the end. We pick you up, we take you out, we gear you on, we take you down, we bring you back and we drop you off and most important we feed you well during all that.

This is actually our 3rd Dive Center that we operate. Our most famous Krabi Scuba Club and BB Marine Bangkok are well known and we utilize all that experience to make Phuket Scuba Club worth while and meaningful to you. Our partner hotel provide a very relaxful holiday experience for you with frequent promotions and adventurous packages that you can offer.