BBMarine อุปกรณ์ควบคุมการลอยตัว รุ่น OMS IQ Lite Cummerbund (CB) Signature System with Performance Mono Wing 27lb

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▶ The IQ Lite Performance Mono System is light enough to travel with you anywhere in the world.
▶ Weighing less than 6 lbs. this system is a capable platform for all your dive missions.
▶ The Performance Mono air-cell is available in two sizes (27lbs and 32lbs of buoyancy) and two colors, red and black.
▶ From the built-in tank stabilizer bars to the weight release system, this thoughtful design is the perfect go anywhere BCD.
▶ The OMS IQ Lite Back System offers you a streamlined, lightweight and strongest soft harnesses in the market.
▶ This Single tank configuration includes your choice of Performance Mono Wing and 2 cam bands.
▶ You can easily convert the IQ Lite from single to double tank configuration by sliding in in back plate.
▶ Or simply use the slide in backplate as part of your weight system.

▶ IQ Lite Harness in sizes: XXS, XS-SM, MD-LG & LG-XL
▶ 27 lb. / ~12.5 kg or 32 lb / ~14.5 kg Performance Mono Wing (Color Options: black or red)
▶ 2" Nylon Cam Band with Plastic Buckle (quantity 2)
▶ Optional:
▶ OMS Ballast System (12 lb / 5.4 kg)

Performance Mono Wing
▶ The Performance Mono Wing is a donut-style wing with either {27 lb | 12.2 kg} OR {32 lb | 14.5 kg} lift allowing quick and easy movement of air from one side of the air cell to the other.
▶ This enables the diver to better control buoyancy and maintain trim and position easily in the water.
▶ Both options offer stabilizing bars built into the wings to minimize tank movement.
▶ These are an ideal wing for the traveling diver as they are small, lightweight and easy to pack.
▶ The Mono wing will fit onto the IQ pac, Aluminum or Stainless Steel Backplate using the Comfort Harness II or Continuous Weave (DIR) Harness.
▶ Compact Donut style configuration with {27 lb OR 32 lb} lift capacity
▶ Inflator located left side
▶ Power inflator hose included
▶ Interior zipper backing
▶ Dump valve left side
▶ Small, lightweight and easy to pack for travel, ideal for traveling diver
▶ 1000 denier nylon outer bag
▶ Interior urethane backing protects against abrasions and punctures
▶ Inner bladder polyurethane material, ultrasonically welded fittings and seams
▶ Low Pressure (LP) inflation hose included
▶ Denier nylon outer bag w/ urethane backing
▶ Oval shape cradles cylinder for minimal drag
▶ Stabilizing bars built-in to reduce tank shifting
▶ Small, lightweight and easy to pack for travel

IQ Lite
▶ OMS has designed an ultra-light version of the classic IQ Backpack, the IQ Lite.
▶ At only 2.4 lbs., this comfortable system can easily fit into any carry-on bag.
▶ The harness incorporates anodized aluminum accessories to maximize strength and minimize weight.
▶ Unlike other travel systems, the IQ Lite can be easily modified for cold water diving with a simple addition of a wing with the appropriate size lift.
▶ As with all OMS equipment, modularity is a key design feature.

The OMS IQ Lite includes:
Four 2” welded anodized Aluminum D-rings nodized Aluminum Belt Buckle

1” Crotch Strap with Fastex clip Soft Back Pad for maximum comfort
2 Epaulettes on shoulders for hose routing

Chest Strap
▶ Two Cam band slots
▶ Harness weight 2.4 lbs. (size M-LG)
▶ Combine with a 27lb Performance Mono Wing and (2) Cam Bands for the ultimate travel BC!

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