Technical Diver


Experience the depth with more time. This technical diver course offer the first step to the technical world with fully equipped Open Curcuit Equipment. If you are keen for more tanks and depth is your leisure, this will be the course for you. Increase your limit and confident by gaining for skills will prepare you to go deeper, this is the fundamental core course offer by ANDI. Oxygenand decompression tracking, dive planning, emergencyprotocol, equipmenthandling, and stress management skills, are covered in detail.

PRICE: 29,000 / Person

Duration: 1 day in pool, 2 days at sea
Max depth 40m
Max deco time 30 min

- 18 years old
- 50 dives
- CSU or Nitrox Ceritified
- Deep Specialty

Sidemount or Twinset configuration with 3 tanks and 2 gases

- Equipment
- Tuition fee
- Boat dives
- License
- Gas Expenses

- Accomodation
- Travel Costs
- Food

Detail Module to be covered.

CM 1 ) The History and Development of SafeAir
CM 2 ) Oxygen and the Diver
CM 3 ) Mathematical Principles of Gas Mixtures
CM 4 ) The Equivalent Air Depth Formula and Mixture Application
CM 5 ) Oxygen Handling and SafeAir Dispensing Procedures
CM 6 ) Nitrogen Narcosis
CM 7 ) Nitrogen Theory - Decompression Illness
CM 8 ) Equipment Considerations and Configuration Methods
CM 9 ) Dive Planning and Practical Application
CM 10 ) Skills Training Overview
CM 11 ) Helium/ Normoxic Trimix

General Stamina Evaluation
Breath Holding & Stress Mgt.
Gas Loss / Gas Sharing
Lift Bag Deployment
Visibility Loss Simulation
Gas Switching Protocol
Buoyancy Control / Trim / Proper
Dive Planning Technique
Dive Team Functioning
Breathing Rate Evaluation
Equipment Removal &
Descent Procedure
Dive Execution & Progression
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