Advanced Nitrox


The Advance Nitrox or CSU course is a foundation & prerequisite for technical diving. Diver can dive using any Nitrox mixture using any approved ANDI application using one main cylinder and one RBS (Redundant Breathing System) staying within the NSR (No-Stop-Required) limits. Twin set cylinders may be used with additional prerequisites.


Price: 15,900

Duration: 2 Days



This training follows the scope of ANDI Level 2 program. This program prepares the student to use all Nitrogen / Oxygen mixtures from 22-50% at a maximum depth of 40 msw (130 fsw). For all dives conducted as part of this training program 1.45 Bar / ata PO2 will be considered the bottom mix limit with the maximum exposure to Oxygen for at-rest / light work activities is 1.6 Bar / ata PO2.


All dive profiles are within the NSR limits. 



The ANDI Level 2 CSU course consists of (3) parts. 

1) Five Theory Modules following the five textbook chapters.

2) Land Skills

3) 3) 2 Open Water dives.


Sidemount or Twinset configuration with 3 tanks and 2 gases



- Equipment

- Tuition fee

- Boat dives

- License

- Gas Expenses 



- Accomodation

- Travel Costs

- Food


Required Skills

- Proper Buoyancy/ Trim

- Equipment Matching

- Proper Weighting

- Propulsion Techniques

- Bubble-less mask clearing

- Mask Exchange

- ANDI Descent Procedure

- ANDI Gas Switching Procedures 

- SMB/Lift Bag Deployment & Reel Handling

- ANDI Ascent Procedure

- Simulated Decompression & Stage Stops .

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